Common printer problems and how to fix them

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Frequently asked printer questions

Posted on 22 March 2022 by Beaming Support

Workplace printers often run into problems. Our support team handle printer problems every day, but the solution may be simpler than you think. These are some of our most asked printer questions.


1. How can I make my local printer available on a remote desktop session?

A local printer is one that is connected directly to your PC or device. while a printer hosted on a remote desktop is connected to the network. To make your local printer available to a remote desktop session host, right click on the server icon in the local resources tab and tick the printer box.

2. Why isn’t my printer isn’t working on a VPN?

Office printers can be accessed remotely when using a VPN but you will first need to have the option to use remote gateways enabled. Find this under the VPN’s advanced configuration tab.

3. DHCP vs static IP addresses for my networked printer

DHCP – The IP address for the printer may be reassigned to other devices during periods of inactivity.

Static – The IP address for the printer is consistent.

For network printers it is preferable to have a static IP address as printers set to dynamic IP may need frequent reconfiguring if they are regularly switched off.

To set a static IP address, you can usually find this setting in the control panel for your printer. Alternatively, you may need to set a DHCP reservation on your DHCP server.

4. WSD ports vs IP port

Printers may come with WSD ports preconfigured. When setting up your printer it is preferable to set a static IP address for it and using this IP when installing printer software. WSD Ports are known for being unreliable and not ideal for networked printers.

5. ‘Load correct paper size’ Error message from printer

If you are seeing this error message and are already using the correct paper size, check the following;

  • Open the printer tray and ensure the paper guides are positioned correctly. They should be pushed up against the paper, not loose or causing the paper to buckle.
  • On the printer’s control panel, confirm the paper size has been set correctly.
  • In your document, check that your paper size is set correctly
  • If your printer has an ‘A4-A4 small override’ option turn this on.
  • 6. Printer is printing unprompted nonsense

If your printer is unexpectedly producing what seems like rubbish, this is likely due to the printer drivers. Ensure that you have the latest driver for your operating system.

  • Go to printer properties by right clicking the printer icon. In the advanced tab, check that the print processor is set to ‘win print/ raw’
  • If this doesn’t remedy the issue, print a self-test sheet to check that the printer still works correctly.


7. If your problem isn’t listed here, try these basic troubleshooting steps.

Check that your printer is in a ‘ready’ state?

Have you loaded the paper tray and is the paper the correct size?

Is the control panel displaying any error messages?

If it’s a network printer, are you able to ping it?

Can you right click the printer and print a test sheet?


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