How quickly can you get a leased line installed?

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How long does it take to install a fibre leased line?

Posted on 29 September 2021 by Beaming Support

Typically, lead times for a fibre leased line connection are quoted as having a target of 30 days from order date to activation, but if you’re wondering how quickly leased lines can be installed, there are a number of factors that can influence this. We’ll cover these in detail in this article.

Why does it take longer to get a leased line than broadband?

Some fibre to the cabinet broadband infrastructure already exists in most business and residential areas, so setting up a connection can be a very quick and simple process for your ISP, taking less than 10 days. FTTP (Fibre to the Premises) broadband can take longer, and you can read more about that here: What’s the difference between superfast and ultrafast broadband?

Installing leased line fibre usually takes longer than broadband because each fibre connection is unique and dedicated; installed point to point between your business and your internet service provider’s equipment, or between two or more of your own business sites. This means that the time it takes to install the fibre depends on how much engineering work is needed to lay down new fibre cables and install equipment, as well as how effectively your ISP is able to communicate with engineers and some less predictable factors, too – more on those later.

If you’re hoping to get a leased line fibre installed in less than 30 days, this article will explain how it may be possible to get a leased line quickly, as well as highlighting some things that could slow down the process.

 What is the process for installing a fibre leased line?

How do you go about getting a leased line installed? Once you’ve chosen your provider, the process is as follows.

  1. Survey

The first step to installing a fibre optic leased line is to arrange a survey via your chosen internet service provider. A surveyor will visit your premises to determine whether there’s any existing fibre infrastructure on site, whether it can be used for your new connection, and if not, determine how much work will be involved in getting your business connected.

  1. Excess Construction Charges (ECCs) confirmed

If further infrastructure is required, the results of the survey will confirm the cost of these engineering works and a realistic activation date can be determined. To help get you connected, the first £2,800 of any new leased line installation will be paid for by Openreach.

  1. Work begins

If you are happy to proceed, you’ll accept the ECCs and the project can begin to install the necessary infrastructure within the agreed timeframe.

Where fibre infrastructure exists on site and no excess construction is required, your ISP will only need to carry out a small amount of work and should be able to activate your leased line well within the target lead time of 30 days.

  1. Plug in on activation day

Your ISP will provide you in advance with your specific IP configuration that can be used to configure your Firewall. Alternatively, your ISP may provide you with a specially configured router, and on activation day you’ll be able to plug it in and enjoy dedicated, ultrafast connectivity.

How can I get a leased line installed quickly?

In some circumstances, your fibre leased line connection can be up and running quite swiftly.

If you already have a leased line and just want to switch to a new provider, the switchover can take place without the need for new infrastructure, therefore much more quickly. How do I switch to a new leased line provider?

Likewise, as we’ve mentioned, if a previous occupant had a fibre connection in the building in the past then installation won’t take so long.

A neighbouring business or residence may already have a fibre optic connection (more likely if you’re based in a built-up area or business park), which means that only a small amount of construction is needed to connect you up to the existing infrastructure. This makes the process quicker and also means you’ll pay less.

The most important thing with all fibre installs is that your chosen provider has a dedicated team that will drive the process forward for you. The nature of national infrastructure is that if orders are left to take their course, the whole process will take far longer than if you have a team working on your behalf to chase up the order and make sure you’re updated every step of the way. Installation of a fibre into a building which is not fibre enabled is an engineering project in its own right with milestones which can slip without the right focus.

What can slow down my leased line installation?

Your leased line connection may take longer than expected, but some causes of this can be avoided. What could slow down the process?

Poor communication between your internet service provider and Openreach (who provide most of the UK’s fibre infrastructure) can slow your installation down. If there’s no one there to make sure your installation moves along, progress may be slow, and any stumbling blocks may not be highlighted. You’ll want to work with an ISP that understands the Openreach way of working, has access to systems and takes a proactive approach.

When surveyors or engineers visit your premises you’ll need to be there to give access and point engineers in the right direction (to the comms cabinet, for example). Missed site visits will still be charged for, but also your order won’t progress . Your provider should liaise between you and engineers to ensure that everyone is in the right place at the right time.

Planning permission or wayleave issues can cause delays where significant engineering is required. Getting permission to dig up a busy road or perhaps access a farmer’s land, for example, could take some time. Again, in this scenario it’s important to have a proactive ISP on your side to keep things moving, particularly in advising you where you may be able to help (e.g getting permission from a landlord).

Things like flooding or heavy snow can also stop engineering work and therefore slow down your installation, with the most likely cause for delay actually being the need for roadworks where permission has to be obtained from your local authority.  Of course, no one can predict unforeseen delays, but when your service provider is asking for frequent updates, they’ll be able to advise if your activation date is likely to be set back.

If you’ve chosen to upgrade to a fibre optic leased line, it’s likely that internet connectivity is imperative for your business. However long your fibre installation is expected to take, the most important thing is that you work with an ISP that can keep the project on track and keep you in the loop at all times.

Beaming’s technical team has years of experience in getting leased line fibre installed to tight deadlines and in locations ranging from rural Scotland to the busiest city centres. Call us on 0800 082 2868 or fill in the form below and we’ll get back to you within one business day to see how we could help with your fibre leased line installation.

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Why choose a fibre leased line from Beaming?

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Project managed Installation

Getting fibre connections installed to timescale is our forte.

Whether we are replacing an existing connection or getting new infrastructure installed, you don’t have to chase engineers and can leave all the hard work to our project team. We are experienced in a variety of installs and are relentless in making sure your connection will go live when you need it.

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Gold standard support

With 24/7/365 monitoring & a proactive team of tech experts on hand, you’ll never be left hanging on hold when you need support.

Our team of friendly support technicians are hand-picked for their expertise, experience & customer service skills, and you won’t be kept on hold or be passed around before you get to speak to them.

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Connections you can rely on

Performance, stability and security are our main concerns and we limit any downtime for the businesses that work with us.

We understand that the requirements of a business when using the internet are very different to when you’re at home. That’s why we’re an ISP with our own network built to meet the daily needs of businesses.

Installation on a tight deadline

When the Kurt J Lesker Company moved to a new location, the timeframe was tight.

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Kurt J. Lesker Company

For security reasons, all of the Kurt J Lesker Company’s data is held at its US base. This means the speed & security of the data connection between the US & the UK is crucial to the effective operation of KJLC’s business.

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