What information do I need to provide for a site survey?

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What happens during a site survey for a fibre leased line?

Posted on 27 December 2019 by Beaming Support

How do we arrange a site survey for a fibre leased line?

If your order for a new fibre leased line or telephone line requires a survey to determine what – if any – new infrastructure needs to be put in place, one of the first steps will be that your ISP will put you in contact with an Openreach surveyor to arrange a convenient time and date for an onsite survey to take place.

How should we prepare for a site survey?

To help the surveyor you’ll need to know where on your site or in your building the fibre should terminate, and make sure this location is accessible so it can be assessed. If there are any locked areas the surveyor is likely to need access to, make sure you have the keys handy.

Do I need to be there for a site survey?

It is preferable that a joint site meeting is completed so you can ensure that the Openreach surveyor has access to all areas of the site and premises.

When the surveyor is on site, they will locate any existing Openreach infrastructure and determine whether this can be used for the required connection. If it can’t, or there isn’t any existing infrastructure, they will then identify the best and most cost-effective way to provide service and the best route for this work.

You will need to inform the Openreach surveyor where you require the service to be terminated and whether there are any restrictions on site. E.g. if it is a radio tower, does access need to be arranged in advance with the landlord? Can infrastructure be erected onsite or will it need to be underground?

Do I have to pay for a site survey?

Each site survey is chargeable, so by being prepared for the surveyor’s visit, you make sure that there’s as little chance as possible of the need for a re-visit.

After the survey it’s possible that work will need to be carried out in order to get your site connected. This work will incur excess construction charges. You can find out more about those here.

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