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Non-standard telephone lines for building sites and temporary locations

Posted on 6 August 2018 by Beaming Support

Non Standard Telephone Lines

Sometimes rather than just getting a telephone line installed into a “normal” building or a “standard” office, you might require a line in a more unusual or temporary location. At Beaming we can cater to certain types of non standard lines such as a non served premise or a temporary site office line. Telephone lines for building sites are an example of non-standard lines.

Here we give some useful information regarding these sites and how you can expect to obtain service.

Temporary phone & broadband for construction sites

A site office order is generally for a temporary line for a site office on a building site. For health and safety reasons, these lines are removed and the Openreach network recovered once the line gets ceased. Site office orders can be used for single PSTN lines, ISDN2 and ISDN30 and broadband.
To ensure this type of order runs as smoothly as possible, it is important to provide accurate site contact details for a person who will be readily available to discuss the requirements of the site and to arrange a site visit for the survey to take place.

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What is an NSP?

A non served premise is classed as a site that has not previously had any services at all. Usually, this is a  site that is unmanned, not governed by the Health and Safety at Work Act or doesn’t comply with local council conditions for a building to be habitable. It’s common for NSP sites to be located in a footway or at a roadside and can include telephone boxes, traffic lights/control systems, telephone masts and wind farms.
All NSP orders will incur a survey charge which is chargeable even if the order is cancelled. This survey determines how it is possible to provide a line to the required location and will detail whether any excess construction charges or time related charges need to be applied to the order to provide service.

As with site office orders, all NSPs are subject to a survey which is chargeable even if the order is cancelled.

Placing an order with Beaming for temporary construction site telephone lines & broadband, or for an NSP, means you’ll get project managed installation , connectivity that’s built for business performance and named support contacts should you need any help. Fill in the form below to get started.



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