Transfer autocomplete contacts from one computer to another

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Outlook – Recovering the NK2 file in Outlook 2007

Posted on 10 January 2013 by Beaming Support

The process will allow you to move an Outlook NK2 file in order to transfer outlook contacts’ autocomplete from one computer to another.

Once you have set up a new computer with Outlook and your address book, you may find that autocomplete does not immediately recognise email addresses as it would have done on your old computer. If you want to transfer Outlook contacts’ autocomplete from one computer to another, you’ll need to track down the NK2 file, as follows:

Navigate to the directory of the NK2 file in file explorer, following the paths detailed below.

Windows XP Location:

C:Documents and Settings’username’Application DataMicrosoftOutlook

Windows 7 Location:


Make a copy of the appropriate file with the .nk2 extension. The name of the file will also mirror the name of the Outlook profile.

Create the Outlook profile of the same name on the other computer. Now send a test email to a contact of your choice. This will then create an initial NK2 file for you. You must ensure that you replace the new file with the backup using the new matching file name. Ensure the process is carried out when Outlook is closed.

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