How do I consolidate my bills?


Simpler billing for businesses of all sizes

Posted on 8 February 2023 by Beaming Support

As your business grows and requires more telecoms solutions, the bills associated can become more complex to manage. Across a multitude of departments and locations, your business can end up with more paperwork than necessary – overwhelming your accounts team.

At Beaming, we can consolidate your bills saving time and effort, which will ultimately reduce your administration costs.

Consolidating bills for SMEs

A small enterprise may have a couple of sites receiving separate telecoms bills with different contract terms and packages, which they want to bring together for standardisation, clarity and ease of financial management.

It is surprisingly difficult with some telecommunications providers to do this, as the bills are raised separately against each site, and any issues, including faults, have to be reported by the ‘named individual’ at that site.

At Beaming, we are able to consolidate your bills. This includes:

  • Clearly marking individual products so you are always aware what you’re paying for
  • Identifying products by the site at which you’re using them
  • Having centralised reporting of faults, allowing you to cut out the step of reporting faults through the named individual first

Receiving your phone and connectivity bills may be a small part of the overall service you receive, but having a provider that bills you in a clear and simple way can help manage budgets and support a more efficient way of working.


Cost centre billing for larger businesses

We have had larger customers migrate to Beaming, as they have previously not been able to split out services into anything other than sites.

What they require is cost centre billing, where it is the project that matters, not the location, and Beaming has the ability to offer this.

A common requirement for cost centre billing arises when a company has a large estate of homeworkers who work for different divisions.  The business may want the costs for broadband services for named individuals to come out of the budget of the department for which they work, or certain sites with different functions to be billed against a cost centre, and for individuals to move from one bill to the another as their job role changes.

The flexibility of Beaming invoicing allows customers to do this, and it could save your accounts team a great deal of time and frustration.  We also manage the migration of your services to Beaming, so it is as smooth as possible and hassle-free.

If you require further information on any bespoke billing arrangements, contact us using the form below, or call 0800 082 2868.


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