What can I use instead of EFM?

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What to use instead of EFM

Posted on 31 October 2023 by Beaming Support

As it sounds, an Ethernet First Mile (EFM) connection utilises an ethernet cable for the first mile of transit, and relies on copper for the rest.

Since September 2023 brought with it the stop-sell of all copper-based phone and broadband products in the UK, EFM is no longer available to order.


What can I use instead of EFM?

Full fibre broadband (sometimes called ‘Fibre To The Premises’, or ‘FTTP’), is the best replacement for EFM.

Ethernet cables transmit data using electric signals, whereas fibre cables transmit data using light signals. This means that fibre can usually offer higher connection speeds and more reliability than EFM connections. Ethernet was vulnerable to electromagnetic interference, and data transmitted via ethernet was more vulnerable to being intercepted by hackers – neither of which applies to full fibre connections.

With an EFM connection, your connection speed will typically be around 35Mbps. Fibre-optic alternatives, however, can reach speeds of 100Mbps, up to 10Gbs.


What if full fibre broadband isn’t available to my premises yet?

As Openreach and AltNets are in the process of rolling out full fibre across the country, some areas are yet to be connected. For those that can’t access full fibre, an alternative product is available – SOGEA. Standing for ‘Single Order Generic Ethernet Access’, this product provides a broadband connection without the need for a copper phone line (which are no longer able to be purchased).

If you’ve been considering upgrading your connectivity, a dedicated fibre optic leased line might be a better solution. A leased line is a dedicated connection, solely for your business, so you won’t experience any slowdowns at peak times. Learn more about leased lines here.


Can I replace EFM with FTTC superfast broadband?

Because FTTC is a copper-based product, it is no longer able to be ordered following the stop-sell. But FTTP or SoGEA are alternatives to this.


How long will it take to switch from EFM?

This will depend on the replacement product you choose, but anywhere from 10 working days for FTTP, to weeks or months for a leased line, depending on the construction work required.

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