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Why are my sent items not appearing in Outlook 2010?

Posted on 27 September 2012 by Beaming Support

When using a Microsoft Exchange account in Outlook 2010 you may find that when you click sent items nothing appears.

If you have a problem with sent items not appearing in Outlook 2010, sometimes it can be the view settings; in this case you can try and reset the view by clicking the “View” tab on the Ribbon interface and then choosing “Reset View”.

sent items not appearing in Outlook 2010

If this does not solve your problem then you may need to turn Exchange cached mode off and back on. To do this click “File” then “Account Settings” and “Account Settings” again.

sent items not appearing in Outlook 2010

This will bring up the accounts box, Select the Exchange account and click “Change”. In the next window click “More Settings” in the bottom right hand corner. In the following window select the “Advanced” Tab and un-tick the “Use Cached Exchange Mode” box.

sent items not appearing in Outlook 2010

Once this is done click “OK” then “Next” and “Finish”. You will now need to close Outlook for the changes to take effect. Once Outlook has re-opened you should find that your sent items are displaying correctly again. To enable Cached mode again perform the same process as above but tick the “Use Cached Exchange Mode” box instead.

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