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Beaming launches security-grade internet connectivity for multi-site businesses

Beaming today announced the launch of ProtectNet Plus, a new managed private cloud network and internet connectivity service for multi-site businesses that ensures fast, reliable and secure voice and data communications between remote locations.

Building on existing services developed by Beaming for the security industry, ProtectNet Plus provides users with access to multiple business broadband and mobile network carriers via a single contract and the ability to switch instantly between them in the event of a service failure.

Depending on the location and technologies chosen, Beaming is able to offer back-up connections of up to 1Gbps and guarantee overall service level uptime of 99.995 per cent. The same IP addresses are maintained in the event of a switch, ensuring that users remain connected without the need to reconfigure equipment.

The security and resilience of the service is enhanced by proactive network monitoring and maintenance by Beaming’s team of experienced Cisco-trained technicians based in Hastings, who will ensure the switch between connectivity services runs smoothly and work to restore the main broadband connection as soon as possible.

Sonia Blizzard, managing director of Beaming, comments: “Recent failures at big name ISPs are a timely reminder that no single provider can guarantee 100 per cent connectivity and just how vulnerable businesses that rely on the internet are to outages. ProtectNet Plus overcomes this challenge by offering seamless connectivity across a variety of wired and wireless data carriers to provide a backup to the primary path. We’ve been trialling the service with a number of users for the last six months with zero downtime.”

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Asset 26

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