Beaming’s ISDN30 digital phone lines are generally used by businesses requiring up to 30 or more telephone lines (channels), delivered over either a fibre optic or copper path and terminating on the customer’s telephone system (PBX).

Beaming provides ISDN30 with a minimum of 8 channels and with a choice of service levels. Installation and ongoing rental fees are cheaper than BT enabling your business to make substantial savings.

ISDN30 digital phone lines supports DDI (direct dial in) and a choice of calling features:

  • Direct Dial In (DDI) – Enables you to give each employee and/or department a dedicated telephone number. A typical customer would have 100 DDI numbers with maybe just 10 telephone channels. DDI routing via your telephone system enables calls to be routed directly to a telephone extension.
  • Calling Line Identity Presentation (CLIP) – Shows the telephone number of the person who is calling.
  • Calling Line Identity Restriction (CLIR) – Restricts the presentation of your telephone number on outgoing calls.
  • Presentation Number Calling Line Identity (PNCLI) – Enables you to present a different telephone number for outgoing calls – e.g. You could present your company’s 0800 free phone number to your customers.