Getting the best from your business by working smartly will maximise your chance of success. That’s not rocket science.

With excellent data connectivity, Beaming does the smart bit for you so you can make the most of your resources, regardless of your sector.

We know that the last thing you want is for your telecommunications to get in the way.

Our priority is for you to be optimally productive so that efficiency and profit follows. So we start by taking a good look at your business’ broadband and telephony, taking into account particular business requirements. We’re used to working closely with IT departments and resellers who really know their stuff, and we’re happy to fill in any gaps about data connectivity and telephony.

We’ll rationalise your way of working by identifying the root of any problems, taking into consideration which applications your company is using and the amount of data you upload and download, as well as data storage requirements. We’ll also understand your employees’ locations and their roles and find ways to improve communication between them.

The answers to these questions will allow us to select and design the optimum network for you by:

  • relocating servers to a location with better connectivity
  • rationalising your telephony and data connectivity across sites (totally seamless to customers)
  • consolidating diverse phone systems at different locations to enable staff to work flexibly
  • pooling data storage across sites
  • implementing a Private Wide Area Network (PWAN), ensuring the security of your company information where there are eight or more sites. ‘Breakout’ to the internet is at one location only, saving on firewalls and making network security more straightforward.

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