No matter how near or far apart your premises are, we’ll help you connect your business sites as if they were just next door.

If your employees need to share applications such as a customer contact database, or company financial data across more than one site or you simply need to improve efficiency, get in touch.

We’ll make sure you get the maximum benefit from using ethernet and broadband connections to bring your disparate sites together as if they were in one location by designing the appropriate VPN or PWAN network for you.

Not only will this increase productivity within the business, it will also:

  • enhance your customers’ experience whether through staff resourcing, stock control or an ability to do things quicker
  • allow you to more efficiently share common client data across the company so whoever the client contacts in an organisation will be able to help
  • enable staff to work from home because they choose to improve their work-life balance or during scenarios which prevent them from getting to the office.

Beaming’s expert team will see that you get the right kind of connectivity in place along with top-notch support to make sure all the niggles are ironed out before they can disrupt your business.

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