Intranets are used by many companies as a way of conveying information and sharing data with other members of their network.

So what is intranet and how does it work? It is setup as an internal website for members of an organisation. This is useful to communicate important messages between staff in a large organisation. Important information, links, forms and applications can all be available using the intranet. Databases can also be linked to the setup of the intranet in order to provide further access to company records and even improve the security by holding usernames of people that are allowed access.

Intranets are hosted within a private network meaning that only users inside of that network can access it. Once the intranet has been setup employees should be able to access it provided that they are connected on the company LAN. This keeps the data private and unavailable to public internet users. Should people outside of the organisations LAN need access to it then an Extranet can be setup. This is essentially an Intranet but allows users outside of the network to be able to access it.

A web server is used to host the intranet and the machine itself will depend on the content and the amount of users. For example if the intranet is going to have content such as videos that will be streamed by a lot of employees then the server will need to be of a higher specification. Again for an intranet this will require an IP within the LAN as below.

Intranet is in the long term a cheaper way of conveying these sorts of messages as although the equipment is needed initially, you will then be able to distribute messages etc freely as opposed to paper based notes.

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