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Spot & Stop Phishing and Suspicious Email

How to spot a phishing attempt in a suspicious email Phishing is an attempt to scam...

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How to detect spoof and phishing emails on a mobile device

As a follow up to our recent article on how to spot and stop phishing...


Email scams: spoof, spam, phishing and attachments. Don’t be a victim

The majority of business communications are carried out by email.  It is a highly useful...

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Locky: a “good” example of malware

What is Locky? Locky is a lesser known piece of ransomware that was first released...


Business Guide to Phishing


Cybersecurity, safeguarding and schools: What every school needs to know about threats online

From recording and reporting detailed performance data, to staff sharing content and collaborating with students,...


The cost of cyber security breaches: British businesses lost almost £30 billion in 2016

New survey indicates 3 million British businesses were compromised by cyberattacks last year Computer viruses...


Small businesses hit hardest by £17bn cybercrime bill in 2018

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How to encrypt email in Office 365

Why would anyone want to read my emails? Businesses send all kinds of important information...

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How to disable macros in Office programs

Macros are designed to automate routine processes within Microsoft Office applications such as Word or...


Your Guide to Phishing is on the way


European cyber attacks sustained as attempts against UK businesses increase by a third

UK businesses were attacked at least once every two minutes in the third quarter of...

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Secure your data with the right password

Your online passwords are there to protect you and keep your data secure. Your password...


Why would someone steal my data?

Data breaches. The very thought of them strikes fear into the hearts of business leaders...

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What is smishing?

Smishing – or SMS phishing – is a term for malicious text messages sent by...


Guide to choosing a broadband provider for your small business

Even if you don’t consider yourself an online company, the chances are you will still...

Free Business Guide to Cyber Security

Identify the threats you’re most likely to face and learn the best ways to mitigate them.

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