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Could clearer calls boost your business?

Recruitment is all about connecting with people and connecting them to each other. With much of the work to make this happen taking place over the telephone, a high definition boost to call quality can give your recruitment company the competitive edge.

By increasing the range of audio transmission frequencies and sample rate used in traditional telephony, high definition (HD) voice technology produces clearer, crisper phone calls; background noise is reduced and audio is richer and more nuanced.

Unlike HD television, which in most cases falls into the “nice to have but not necessary” category, using HD voice technology can give you a distinct business advantage. By improving communication, trust and understanding between you and your prospective and existing customers, HD voice is elevated into the “business necessity” category. Read on to discover how this technology can give you the competitive edge.

More than words

Smile and they will hear it; stand tall and your voice is stronger.  It is amazing how much body language can be conveyed across the phone.  All this helps when speaking to your customers and improves your engagement with them.  This does mean that they have to be able to hear you properly and a phone which crackles or fades out will not allow the magic to happen.

HD voice makes the call so clear that the physical barrier of distance disappears, meaning your customers are more engaged.

Get out of the email rut

Building trust requires a level of engagement beyond written words. Although email and messaging systems certainly have their place in the recruitment process and can move things along quickly, nothing compares to understanding your clents over the phone or in person.  One sided communication through email can’t be adjusted in real time depending on feedback and can get misinterpreted.  It is extremely useful for stating a position but not for engaging in quick moving dialogue.

Although instant messaging can be used for rapid forms of communication, it is missing that all important body language and tone of voice that conveys the sentiment of your message, and is really only suitable for transactional communications when dealing with customers.

The phone adds authenticity and builds personal loyalty to a brand.  Sales people know this instinctively but it rings true for customer service too, or any engagement with a customer which requires urgency. By improving the customer’s ability to hear you clearly and understand the nuances in your tone, HD voice sets you off on the right foot.

Build trust

Phone calls are used to verify identity as it is harder to fake; we recommend that businesses verify any new, unusual or unplanned transactions by telephone. If for some reason you’re feeling unsure about a business you are planning to work with, a quick call can help you assess the spontaneous responses to your questions and judge their authenticity. A muffled or crackly phone line that obfuscates the voice does not instill confidence.

And it’s not just about security; a phone call requires a level of professionalism from both parties and helps you get a feel for the person you’re talking to. When customers call you they’ll be (consciously and sub-consciously) forming a picture of you and the business based on what they hear, including background noise. HD voice allows you to convey your exact meaning without misunderstanding and reduces background noise to remove distraction.

The human touch

It’s often said that people do business with people, not companies, and this is particularly true for a recruitment company.  A considerable amount of your time each day is spent engaging with people and connecting them to each other. The right connection has the opportunity to change the direction of somebody’s life.

Trust and engagement have to be part of this for the relationship between client and recruiter to work, whether that client is employer or employee. These are big decisions and often emotional ones, so human contact is important. The increased range of frequencies used by HD voice technology covers the entire spectrum of the human voice, so with nothing missed, a trusting relationship with the human touch can be built up, even though a face to face meeting may not happen until a potential position has been lined up.

HD Voice is a feature of all BeamRing handsets and user licences. Combine this with Beaming’s built-for-business internet connectivity and you will always be available and able to make crystal clear phone calls that stay connected; improving communication, building trust & encouraging customer loyalty.

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