Windows 10 1803 comes with new features and new bugs

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Office 2013 install gets stuck at 90% and Outlook 2013 signatures will not open

Posted on 20 May 2019 by Beaming Support

Some Windows 10 users have reported a problem where Office 2013 installer gets stuck at 90% every time and there have also been issues where Outlook 2013 signatures will not open.

Since Windows 10 version 1803, Microsoft have decided to include the basic installation of Office 2016 / 365, presumably to tempt users to upgrade. Unfortunately, this has had the side effect of breaking functionality within Office 2013.

The first issue that occurs is with the installation of Office 2013, as the installer gets to 90% complete, issues a “retry or ignore” error and never finishes if you choose retry. Should you choose ignore, you will have to run through the repair option down the road, which could lead to the same problem.

The second most prevalent error is with Outlook signatures. When you try to load Outlook 2013 signatures, the window never opens. This appears to be because the Office 2016 files that are on the device are causing a conflict.

Until Microsoft issue a fix for this issue, simply uninstalling ‘Office 2016’ or ‘Microsoft Office Desktop Apps’ is the easiest fix to keep Office 2013 working. Please note that you can only uninstall Office 2016 from the Settings -> Apps menu, as nothing appears in Control Panel -> Programs.

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