Scan to email with Office 365

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Scan to email with Office 365

Posted on 3 April 2018 by Beaming Support

If you’d like to use your scanner to scan documents and have the file emailed directly to you and your colleagues, there’s just a little bit of setup involved. Here’s we talk you through the steps involved in setting up scan to email.

Whether you’re upgrading to Office 365 or setting up your scanner for the first time and want to use scan to email, the SMTP server will need to be added to the configuration on that scanner.

The Office 365 SMTP details needed will include the domain you have registered to them and will look similar to this:

Please note the hyphens ( – ) instead of dots in the domain area.

You will also be asked for an SMTP port which by standard should be 25.

You will then be asked for an SMTP user, since an account is needed to send the scans from. When the emails are received with the scans attached, the from address will show as the account you have chosen here. This enables scans to be sent direct to your mailboxes from one of your addresses e.g.

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