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VoIP: If our site goes down, does that mean we can’t answer calls?

Posted on 30 November 2021 by Beaming Support

If you’re thinking about changing your business phone system to a hosted cloud solution, such as BeamRing, the loss of internet or power at a business site is a genuine concern. To assist with planning your disaster recovery scenarios, here we share advice to ensure your business is always contactable.

A cloud phone system, such as BeamRing, is hosted in the cloud, which means it is accessible from anywhere. An advantage is that there is no physical ‘box’ on your site. Instead, the system is hosted virtually in a secure data centre – you are not reliant on any business sites being online for the system to operate as normal. Choosing a platform, such as BeamRing, that is hosted across multiple data centres in different locations, further increases the resilience of the solution.

If your site goes offline, you have the following options:

1. Take and make calls as normal using your softphone, either on laptops or via the App on a smartphone (available with BeamRing User Plus Licence). A BeamRing softphone will work using a 4g mobile hotspot if the internet is down.
2. Plug in your BeamRing handsets at alternative locations that do have power and access to the internet. The handsets will continue to operate as usual.
3. Forward calls to a mobile phone number.
4. If no other option is available, you can have all calls switch to a pre-configured business continuity number.

Carefully selecting your phone system provider can further improve resilience. A specialist business provider will ensure you will receive responsive and effective support that can provide swift resolutions to any problems. Check that your provider is not reliant on third parties to make any changes or fix any faults, as this can mean longer waits and less flexibility.

In summary, it is a justified concern to plan for what might happen if your site goes down if you’ve switched to an internet-based phone system – but as you can see there are several disaster recovery options which means there should never be a scenario where you would not be able to make or receive calls.

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