Why are my emails going to the spam folder?

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Why are my emails going to the spam folder?

Posted on 4 December 2018 by Beaming Support

Are your hosted emails being blocked as spam by association?

You haven’t asked anyone to click a suspicious link and you’ve been careful not to use the gimmicky language associated with spam, so why are your emails being blocked as spam? This is usually caused by spammers using the same hosting services that you are.

Hosted email servers have historically been linked with the sending of unsolicited bulk emails due to the cheap and easy nature of setting up an account with some hosting companies.

While there are now quite a few different ways to block spam, most commonly it’s done by filtering out emails originating from an IP address known to send spam.

Hosting companies will have a block of IP addresses associated with their services and specific servers, which means that if someone is sending spam from a server associated with yours, the IP address is likely to be blacklisted by internet service providers. This blocks the spam email but also blocks your sent items from reaching recipients.

You can request that your hosting company has the IP unblocked but if the spammers are still on the same shared servers it will happen again. Worst of all it can be a long process to get the IP address removed from any black list, especially if that black list isn’t public.

So how do we fix the issue and stop this from happening again?

You have a couple of options.

The first being that you make sure that you are using a dedicated IP address to send your emails from. A dedicated IP address is just that, it’s dedicated to your business only and you maintain control of your sender reputation. This makes it far easier and safer in the eyes of receiving servers as they will be able to tell exactly where it’s come from.

The downside though is that you’ll never know if this IP address has been used by spammers before you. If that IP has previously been on a block list that’s not public the chances are that you won’t know you have a problem until emails start bouncing again.

The best way for most businesses to make sure the issue never occurs again would be to use a third party email provider. Many businesses now make use of the Office 365 service, which makes it virtually impossible to be associated with senders of spam.

For larger enterprise with many users and email accounts, the route to go may be to have a dedicated on-premise mail server with an internet connection that has a dedicated IP.

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